About The Company


NAJ Pacific is a holding company with business interests in its niche industries. Our first business, Naj Pacific Investments commenced full operation in January 2011. The company specialises in a diversified portfolio of investments in mostly the global financial markets. The focus is on proper diversification that creates a balanced portfolio of investments in order to optimize long term growth and minimize total risk exposure. We lay huge emphasis on in-depth research and analysis before venturing into any type of investment/business.

In 2016, the team started operations in Real Estate through John and Paul Properties, the team later operated under the company Naj Pacific Properties. Our real Estate Business has seen us grow assets from the ground up, with our asset value now worth over a billion Naira.

In 2018, our Founder's interest and love for Football was transmitted into the incorporation of Naj Pacific Football Agency. This is an agency with the intention of transforming African Football dreams with the use of technology. Naj Scout App is a revolutionary app that enables African footballers showcase their special talent in order to get professional contracts in Europe, especially.

Again, our four strategic business interests are: Investments, Football Agency, Real Estate and Alternative Investments (new business venture).